Ressources utiles de messages DSSR

Écrit par Katie Northcott, AmplifyChange

Le contenu de ce tutoriel s’est inspiré du Guide How to Talk about Abortion: A Guide to Rights-Based Messaging d’International Planned Parenthood Federation. Vous pouvez visionner ici la vidéo d’accompagnement.

Les autres sources utilisées pour développer ce tutoriel sont:

Freshwater Action Network, Advocacy Communications: A Handbook for ANEW Members

FENTON Communications, 9 Laws of Successful Advocacy Communication

Women Help Women, Speaking about self-managed abortion with pill: A practical guide

International Planned Parenthood Federation, Youth messaging checklist: Dos and don’ts in information, education and communication materials

International Planned Parenthood Federation, How to report on abortion – A guide for journalists, editors and media outlets

YouAct, Speak My Language: A Toolkit Developed by and for Young People

Rise Up, Guide to Girl-Centred Advocacy: Communications and Storytelling

Hesperian Health Guides, Health Actions for Women – Building a Women’s Health Movement: Creating a Communications Strategy

Images of Empowerment (base de données d’images positives du monde entier)

Le Center for Reproductive Rights a publié une série de documents sur le langage des publications des organes de l’ONU chargés des Droits, et la promotion des droits reproductifs :

Breaking Ground 2018: Treaty Monitoring Bodies on Reproductive Rights

Bringing Rights to Bear: The Human Right to Information on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Bringing Rights to Bear: Female Genital Mutilation and Other Harmful Practices

Bringing Rights to Bear: Abortion and Human Rights

Bringing Rights to Bear: Freedom from Violence is a Human Right

Bringing Rights to Bear: Family Planning is a Human Right

Bringing Rights to Bear: Preventing Maternal Mortality and Ensuring Safe Pregnancy

Bringing Rights to Bear: Rights Within Marriage and the Family

Bringing Rights to Bear: Human Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs)

Katie Northcott, AmplifyChange

Katie is a Technical Performance Manager at AmplifyChange. At her previous work at Population Institute, she conducted analysis for a wide-scale report on demographic vulnerability, as well as managed the organisation’s social media channels.

As a Community Health Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso, she implemented youth sexual health programs and supported maternal health and family planning outreach services. She worked with non-profit organisations in the U.S. advocating for women’s rights in the fields of abortion access, domestic violence, and HIV/AIDS.

Katie’s experience at these organisations included social media management, street campaigning, and crafting messaging for publications, as well as the development of advocacy and media toolkits. Katie has a MSc in Population and Development from London School of Economics and a BA in Economics, African Studies, and French from Northwestern University.